Skinny Puppy!
2004-05-21 16:23:32 ET

Allo! Just thought I would add a quick update. Well, today, I finally did something I have been meaning to do for quite awhile now, I got my hair redyed. When it got to the point that people were telling me "Wow, I did not know you were really blonde!" generally said with a measure of amazement, I thought it was time. I also finally got the skirt I had been waiting for, I won it on ebay a couple of weeks ago and just got it today. And the seller sent it to me through first class mail, no wonder it took so long, what did she do with the shipping money I sent her? Ah well, at least I got it, and it is cute, it is from the Lip Service "At Your Service" Line, the long pvc olive drab pencil skirt. Not a good idea to wear if you plan to dance though, not to mention even thinking of wearing during the summer! Yesterday, I bought my tickets to see Skinny Puppy on July 4th! I decided to do so early because I tend to procrastinate, I either do things quite early or quite late. Though I am curious, has any one else gotten tickets, or plan to, I would like to go with someone! Thanks!

2004-05-22 00:14:18 ET

id love to see sp...although as of now im not positive ill be able to make it back in time )-:

2004-05-22 14:59:20 ET

Aw, that would suck, I hope you can make it, I do not want to end up going alone like I did when I saw KMFDM! >_<;

2004-05-22 15:14:19 ET

I'd say that I might take m'lady but the both of us really need to start cracking down on our spending habits.

2004-05-23 12:11:14 ET

Well maybe you can wear it for me heheheh as we go to the concert teheheh oh yeah, pam where do you get that white makeup for you face ?? dear its as pretty as you well ttyl bye !!

2004-05-23 16:14:56 ET

Ape: I think the both of you should come, yes indeed, spending habits, pshaw, life is too short to worry about that. ^_^
Helter Heart: Heh, just maybe, it is really tight though, not too easy to walk in either, I'll probably just end up buying a whole new outfit for the show.:P Hmm, do you mean the foundation or the powder, the foundation can be bought at any place that sells makeup, I get mine at Sav-Ons. The powder is what makes it look so white, it is Morbid white pressed powder, it's great, doesn't last too long though and that I bought at Hot Topic. ^^

2004-05-23 16:29:02 ET

Aww....I see yeah the poweder good if its tight. The more I can enjoy you with my whine dear *winks*

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