I am the Lizard Queen!
2004-08-09 22:02:45 ET

Heh, that really has nothing to do with the following post but it does get one's attention! I took a few more webcam shots, some not so good, some terrible, so I put up a few of the not so good ones, as I have no decent ones, Divine Decay does not photograph well for whatever reason. I went to Chamber last night, it was fun, they were playing way too much EBM though, it makes me long to return to the greener pastures of Das Bunker...yep, because when you think of Das Bunker, you think of green pastures. I only danced to a few songs but hey, it was better than staying at home, plus I got to hang out with Shia and Jesse! And I got to be amused by the antics of Fairy Boy! All in all, it defintely could have been worse. A few things I learned though, One, I forgot how truly horrible Budweiser tastes, it made me want to vomit frankly, I am a wuss people, I can only drink alcohol that does not taste like alcohol, like something with a fruity, citrusy taste! And another thing, hanging out with a bunch of fairly toasted people is not as much fun when you are sober, I could not get drunk though, for I had to wake up early for work and besides, I tend not to like anything that limits the control I have over myself and those around me, I mean...nevermind. ::Whistles:: I hung out with Jesse today, we went out to Super China Buffet for lunch, heh, it reminded me of you Lars! And my last statement of the night, Moi Dix Mois ownz! Mana-Sama! ::Many little anime hearts:: ~_^

2004-08-09 22:08:28 ET

i miss you guys
i must come back and kidnap everyone and take you all to bunker!!!
and yes...beer is teh grossness.
i still say you must move to la-la-land with me ;-P

2004-08-09 22:11:40 ET

I miss you too, come back now, I demand it! ::Tapping foot, waiting.:: Heh, a mass kidnapping would be great, especially if it ended up at Das Bunker! And I am thinking about it, we keep pushing back the time when we plan to move. You must come back in time to see Ministry with me, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult is playing with them too!

2004-08-09 22:14:56 ET

i reeeeally hope i can!

and yes...please do consider l.a.

i need roommates or it'll be the car all over again!

and besides...missouri sucks. and you own. therefore you cant be in missouri ;-P

2004-08-09 22:21:16 ET

it could be worse....you could live in my crap ass little town -__-

2004-08-09 22:48:37 ET

I'm so sorry I could not go. I do it for my lovely girlfriend sheena cause she worries about me but next time. I love moi dix mois they do rock like dir en grey !! hardcore fucking rock !! i miss you to LArs come back.

2004-08-09 23:23:07 ET

Turbo: I will consider LA, in fact, I consider it fantastic! Yes, I own!!!
Lolli: Aw, poor dear, you can come live with me, if you don't mind living on my floor, the carpet is dark blue...you know it sounds cozy!
Helter: Tis okay, a good time was still had by all, especially those who were drunk. Yes, today, I went over to Jesse's house and we watched the Dix Infernal dvd, so incredible live they are, *better* than Malice Mizer in my opinion. ::Braces self to be torn apart by rabid MM fans.::

2004-08-09 23:26:09 ET

in fact if you want to start looking for a place thatd be awesome as well since i cant do it too well from here >_<

if you do decide to go that route, you'll be in cahoots with plasticity who is my other potential roommate. i really really hope this could work out cause itd rock. and worry not, plasticity's good people and he wont eat you....i dont think.

2004-08-10 16:39:31 ET

Budweiser doesn't taste like alcohol dear, it tastes like piss. And if not liking the taste of piss makes you a wuss then I will proudly proclaim my wussiness along side you.
And Lars, you know you like Guinness.

2004-08-10 16:57:07 ET

guinness is indeed the shit ;-P

all beer, however, is teh suck

2004-08-10 16:59:27 ET

Guinness is generally considered a type of beer.

2004-08-10 18:13:57 ET

its ale
its too good to be beer!!!


2004-08-10 18:43:54 ET

No aragant bastard is way better..... recognize bitoch !!

2004-08-10 18:59:13 ET

Arrogant Bastard is just too arrogent to realize that it isn't any better than Newcastle. ;-p

2004-08-10 20:22:15 ET

newcastle = teh ew!
ive had it and was not impressed. it is not guinness.
as for this arrogant bastard..thing...no idea.

2004-08-10 20:35:27 ET

It just has a cool name is all really.

2004-08-10 22:46:17 ET

Heh, all of you are silly, having an argument about beer, let's just agree that the vast majority of beer sucks, than we can all be happy. I'll bet Guinness sucks just because you like it Lars. ::Sticks out tongue:: :P

2004-08-11 02:09:16 ET

Damn right, but douable arogant bastard has some good stuff !1

2004-08-11 14:02:49 ET

Most beer does suck(including the double bastard) but Guinness is the best beer ever brewed. No one man, how ever mighty he may be, could besmirch the quality of the ambrosia known as Guinness! ;-p

2004-08-11 19:31:39 ET

Truly you have not tasted the sweet necter of the crysthimum called arrogant. The taste is truly exotic and whisp you off to a wounder land of unknow proportions.

2004-08-11 19:36:22 ET

I wouldn't say that it is crap if I have never tasted it. If I had never tasted it I would only go so far as to say that it is probably crap. ;-p

2004-08-11 21:44:09 ET

I wish you could eat people, for some reason that part of 'the time machine' where the human race splits... kinda reminds me of how I feel about me/those I associate with and other people :) y'know, cept for the engorged cerebellum.

2004-08-11 22:52:40 ET

Tony: Well, I besmirched Guinness and I am a mighty woman! Heh, I have never had it, so perhaps when I am out next time, I shall try it to satisfy my curiousity!
Helter: Heh, I have had none of these drinks you have mentioned, so sad!
Plasticity: Hm, eating people eh, that sounds a bit zombieish to me, and Divine Decay has a shining thing going with the Zombies. I hear humans taste of chicken so does that mean that chicken tastes of humans? :P

2004-08-11 22:53:25 ET

im laughing at the zombie
the zombie laughs at me
cause no one never ever laughs at zombies without cheese

...or something like that

2004-08-11 23:05:37 ET

Turbo: Liar, the zombie cannot laugh it, haven't you seen Resident Evil, it only has the most basic of motor functions, perhaps a little memory. ::Said like the homicidal super computers:: Ah, every movie would be better with a homicidal super computer me thinks.

2004-08-11 23:07:24 ET

hey im just quoting that weird zero defects song ;-P

and yes...especially with a cute little girl playing the voice

2004-08-12 20:12:42 ET

aww such a nice offer! thanks but i'm going to college in ny. i'll try and visit ya sometime though ^__^

2004-08-12 21:44:18 ET

Heh, fine, than I shall just take my boss blue carpet and go. Enjoy New York, I have always wanted to go there, mostly for the shopping! ~_^

2004-08-12 21:47:26 ET

well, come visit me while i'm up there and we'll go to the city.

2004-08-12 22:48:55 ET

That would be keen! Probably when I move I will think about visiting New York, because than I will be much closer, thusly, it shall be cheaper and Divine Decay fancies cheaper!

2004-08-15 13:56:11 ET

Funny to see you use the word "keen", very cool. Now you need to start saying things like "the bee's knees" and "that's the cat's pajamas". ;-p

2004-08-15 19:06:52 ET

Heh, indeed, I also use words such as "nifty", "swell", and my personal favorite at the moment, "boss." I am still looking for a way to fit "Now you're on the trolley!" into a conversation! ^_^

2004-08-16 12:17:52 ET

yes, cheaper = better. so just lemme know. hehehe i also love doing that with old slang. reminds me of lucy when she's like "that's a swell way to get off to a lousy start" i think you should just randomly throw in the "now you're on the trolley" thing into a conv. and see what happens.

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