I wore pants!!!
2004-08-21 15:38:21 ET

Well, the last few days have been interesting to say the least. Yesterday started off rather boring actually, like any other day off, ready to be wasted on the internet, as per my routine. But my beloved mother wished for me to go to the post office to send some things off for her, like I had been promising for several weeks now, what can I say, I procrastinate! So off I went with my sister, after a measure of goading, she did not want to go and I did not wish to go by myself, I get bored rather easily, I need something or someone to keep me amused, dagnabit! Turns out, when we got to the bus stop and waited there with a bunch of people and their irritating children, that the bus stop was closed, the street was under some construction, so the bus had to detour several blocks away, sigh, which meant walking I had not intended to have to do. And children, oh, do not get me started on children! In case you do not know me, I cannot stand children, I loathe in fact, though I must say, one of the best things about children is that they have no shame, they will stand there and stare at you endlessly, which is what one of the young girls did. Argh, so on we walked until we reached the stop, waited for the bus which fortunately, did not take too long. FYI, I was already in a rather unpleasant mood this day, this was just making it worse and by the time we were on our way home from the excursion, I was on my last nerve. This older gentleman made the mistake of not only staring at me as I walked by but he actually stopped behind me and continued to stare. In my mind, I was like "Okay, that's it!" So I turned around and just went off, well for me. I yelled, "What the fuck are you staring at?!!" than I flipped him the bird. Heh, I probably scared the living hell out of the poor guy because when I turned around, he was gone completely!
And today was even better. I had to be at work at 11:00 am, I woke up, felt exhuasted, wanted nothing more than to toss my cell phone against a wall and go back to sleep but up I went. Ah, and I decided just to freak everybody out, I would wear pants, yes pants!! People who know me know I never wear pants, I have not since I was in high school, I do not really have a reason for this, I just do not like pants generally but these Lip Service capris just begged me to buy them, on their hands and knees they were! As you all probably know, back to school is coming so thusly, we should be rather busy. We are not, of course, the mall in which we are really sucks, more so than your average mall. I scoffed at our plan to make $7000 today, there was no way in hell that was going to happen. And here is the most amusing item of the day. I was told by an assnt manager who shalt remain nameless that earler that day, before opening, she was having a conversation with store manager about what to put in the cd player. Assnt manager suggested that they put in something I would like so store manager suggested Rob Zombie, um not something I would pick, but I am fairly indifferent to him. Than store manager has the gall to say "Well, I'll bet fake goth Pam won't like it." Heh, assnt manager stood up for me because I am widely adored at work, because I am so awesome, and store manager's reasoning for saying that, "She doesn't even like Marilyn Manson!" Goodnight everyone!

2004-08-21 23:05:58 ET

well what fun! <hugs>
eh...people are LAME.
and yay for pants!!

2004-08-22 08:18:25 ET

Um , all _real_ goths like Marilyn Manson, just like 32-year-old bum-flap wearing anarchist punks like Avril Lavigne!

2004-08-22 17:41:04 ET

avril lavigne is the second most punkest of all punk
second only to good charlotte.

2004-08-22 23:07:43 ET

Heh, yep, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, and NIN are the most gothest, they are uber gothic! And do not even get me started on the most fabulous punk band ever, Good Charlotte! ^_^ ::Hugs Turbo back!:: Pants own! Feel the power!

2004-08-23 17:14:10 ET

<rasta voice>
come on people now
unite under de revalution of de pants!

2004-08-25 18:14:20 ET

Yeah, fuck those lame people !! you rock pam !! I can't stand those fucking people who put goths as that shit !! You should of busted out anime style eyes and been like devil horns yelling hahahahah anyway hey I need to ask you how do you seel stuff on ebay and know the price to send it ?? well ttyl bye.

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