Wow, just wow.
2004-09-07 21:50:24 ET

Recently, as I was being driven to work, I happened to catch a segment on Sean Hannity's radio talk show where people completely at random called him and he quizzed them on who they were voting for, and why they were voting for that individual. Well, every person I heard said that they were voting for John Kerry, or else, in the case of a few of them who were not of voting age, would vote for him if able. Now, that is not what I am so amazed about, this is. For one, Hannity would ask who they were voting for, the person would say Kerry, he would than ask what they thought of his vice presidential canidate and he used the name Stu Ped as a rather amusing psuedo name and it was not until caller 7 or 8 before someone actually corrected him! I mean, that boggles my mind, I was cracking up the entire time, hearing these teenagers and twenty somethings telling Hannity what they thought of Stu Ped! Plus, he would ask them what policies of Kerry's influenced them to vote for him and not one person could think of a valid reason as to why they would vote for him, outside of the fact that he is not Bush! Than he asked what one thing John Kerry did during his run as Senator, one thing that impressed them, that made them want to vote for him, and once again, no one could think of anything to say. Now, I understand that people want Bush out of office, I tend to agree but to vote for someone you know nothing about simply because he is not the other guy, I mean, the utter stupidity of it is incredible to me. Are all teenagers, in fact, are all people my age or older that ignorant when it comes to politics, it is just unbelievable to me, though I doubt I should be so surprised, I know well enough the intelligence level of the average youth of America, it simply saddens me is all. Look at it closely folks, this is the future of America, be afraid, be very afraid.

2004-09-08 05:39:26 ET

it is utter stupidity but its gonna happen.. im pretty sure john kerry is gonna win just coz of all the jackasses out there.

2004-09-08 23:08:31 ET

I'm suprised I'm not the only one who takes time out to listen to what going on. I agree about the bush thing to. I mean I don't care for him in office not like he is the best prez and all. Yet Kerry, is the winning for god knows what reason. It so amusing cause the only reason I hear people vote for him is he is a liberal. I mean come on folks is that all we want are liberal people and nobody with a thought. Anyway Pam what are you doing sunday ?? care to go to dungeon ?? well ttyl bye !!

2004-09-09 05:36:59 ET

the only reason i hear people voting for kerry is coz of the whole "anyone but bush" attitude.. i think Bush SHOULDNT be in office.. but i dont think we should pick anyone just to get bush out.

2004-09-09 12:24:33 ET

I am not so sure about Kerry winning, in the end, it is not about the issues or the policies, it is what it is called, the Popular Vote and in case anyone has not noticed, Kerry has the personality of a department store mannequin, and personally, I would rather have the mannequin! Plus, last time I checked, he was trailing in the poles, we shall see what happens in the next few weeks.
Helter: Well, I work closing on Sunday night, we will have to see how tired I am before I make any decisions. ^_^

2004-09-10 05:27:49 ET

thats true, ive think that by the time voting time comes up people ill realize that kerry has no idea what he is talking about. this is not a vote for prom king.

2004-09-10 07:45:48 ET

I think you have been 'hoodwinked' so to speak.

Hannity's handlers take those calls and filter out anyone who has a clue, obviously its not relevant what young people who are not of voting age would or wouldn't do, becuase thats why they can't vote yet -they can't devote the time nor grasp the concepts of executive branch politics. Hannity is just trying to make a point and he will skew his callers into being only people he knows he can pull some pranks on. I would fault him for wasting peoples time instead of talking to competent voters about relevant issues, not the young people that struggled to answer the preliminary questions before they got to talk to him.

2004-09-10 11:11:24 ET

Perhaps, but I think you missed the point of my entry. It was meant to show my disdain about the ignorance of the youth of America, which is the most troubling part for me, when I was their age, I knew who the vice president of the United States was, he also asked them that and most had no idea whatsoever. And when I was in high school, everyone was far too concerned with their meaningless high school cliches and the like to be bothered about learning anything relevant. How are they ever supposed to develop their own opinions about politics if they do not bother trying to learn about them, study each party and decide which one better fits their own ideas. Instead, when they move on to college and actually begin to become interested in politics, they are easily led in the direction of the political leanings of their professors which is generally democratic, liberal, without haven really taken the time to learn about the Democratic Party. I also think that nowadays, it is a fad to hate Bush, I hate to say it, but it is true, most of them have no idea whatsoever what they are speaking out against, save the war, they hate Bush because their friends hate Bush, because musicians and other famous sorts say they hate Bush, which I think is extremely manipulative on their part. Though saying this, I do not care for him, I do not want him back for four more terms, but nor am I overly fond of Kerry, either way, we are most likely screwed. Heh, that is just my opinion though.

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