Urge to kill...rising!
2004-09-17 23:20:19 ET

Sigh, I am annoyed today. For one, the last few days, my Hotmail decided that it was no longer going to cooperate with me, folded it's arms, and said no more! Needless to say, I was doing my best to be patient and understanding with it. ::Flashes back to a few days ago with Divine Decay hurling various colorful metaphors at the computer:: Um, okay, so I did not exactly hold my composure, I usually am the very picture of calm indifference but not lately. Plus, for reasons unbeknowst to me at the time, one of my auctions was taken down on Ebay. Only when we called and complained to MSN did our Hotmail finally decided that it would stop being a bastard and allow us to check it. I than was finally able to check my email and got a few rather incensing messages. For one, I found out my auction was taken down simply because I had used "Hot Topic" in it's description, and there was some rule/regulation on Ebay forbidding the use of a company name in your item's description, I was not even aware of this rule! And than, more happiness to follow, the New Rocks I ordered, well, it took them a bloody week almost to get back to me just to tell me that they did not have that particular boot in my size! ::Eyebrow twitches:: I suppose I can find one positive in that now I have money again when before I did not, I still plan to buy a pair, perhaps when I get paid next week, after the Ministry show. Speaking of which, the friend that I was supposed to go with is now probably not going to be able to attend with me, because of school of all things, school, Ministry is more important than school, I am sure everyone here will agree with me! Besides, it is only one damn night, it is not going to kill him, well, unless it does, and I am sure someone would make that out to be my fault somehow! ~_^ So, yeah, lots of irrtating situations abounds with Divine Decay as of late. I do have a final question to end this entry of unpleasantness, does anyone know of an American online store that sells a wide variety of New Rocks besides Vixens and Angels, as much as I want a pair, I do not want to pay the ridiculous overseas shipping prices for which amount to rather heavy boots. Thank you all. I hope reading about my problems has provided you with some entertainment.::Bows::

2004-09-17 23:24:52 ET

im not sure on a stateside website for new rocks, but ill see what i can find

hope things get better for you! and well microsoft is evil...if i were you id rid yourself of hotmail and all things msn asap ;-P
but thats just me.

and of course ministry is more important than school! your friend is insane!

2004-09-17 23:45:52 ET

i cant believe your auction got taken down cause of using hot topic in the description. i see it used all the time! wt?

2004-09-18 11:01:48 ET

Turbo: See, that is what I am talking about, see, Turbo gets it, Ministry is the most important thing in the world. ::Is slightly exaggerating:: :P
Moon:: Yes, so do I, that is why I was so annoyed by it, what made my listing different from any other? Sigh, ah well, no use getting myself worked up about it now. ^_^

2004-09-18 19:23:30 ET

ebay has some absolutely retarded regulations. i've had a few run-ins with them myself on occasion.

i believe this should be the US website for New Rock.

ministry is just about 10,000x more important than school. you can always take a class again if you fail it.

2004-09-20 17:16:45 ET

my day is much better after reading your entry (by contrast)
:) Thanks!

2004-09-20 18:32:16 ET

I hate when fucking websites do that to you. They never tell you until a month later that they don't have your order grrrrrr.... shale we jump on some people Divine !!

2004-09-20 21:59:31 ET

Plasticity: Ha, I am glad my misery brings you so much relief, it might as well be good for something. And I am also pleased that you are enjoying NY so much, I want to visit there sometime, do I have a place to stay now? ~_^
Helter: Exactly, it must have happened to you before, judging from your angry response! Yes, I think such actions might be in order, though jumping someone would have been funner if I had the New Rocks. >_<;

2004-09-21 10:30:46 ET

DD, you not only have a place to stay, but a guide to the sordid side of the most sordid city there is :) You just let me know, and we'll have ourselves quite a party :)

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