Me with a gun and power, it's as scary as it sounds!
2005-05-23 14:40:24 ET

As of late, the last few weeks anyways, I have been thinking about my future and the seemingly limitless amount of things I have wanted to do, the careers that I have been interested in and through the years, have discarded along the way, I am fickle to say the least, non-committal, which gets me into trouble in many aspects of my life. So I have decided to focus my energy and attention on one goal, in my opinion, setting a goal for yourself gives one's life much needed structure, I need a defined plan of action or else I become distracted. With all this said and considered, I have come to the decision that I am going to pursue a career in law enforcement. Yes, this is coming from the same girl who posses several sociopathtic tendencies, though in actuality, I honestly do not think that is going to impair me in any way on my career path, hey, it might even help. I have kept this to myself, not knowing how others may react to hearing about it, yes, I know all the benefits and drawbacks of the career but I am ready to meet the challenges, come as they may. It will be awhile yet before I really get into it, more towards the end of the year when I have things more taken care of. At least if I do become a police officer, I will have my choice of places to live, because I know several cities in Ca alone who are desperate for police officers. ^_^
That being said, I will go on to the other events of the last few days. This weekend was interesting to say the least, my friends, in their infinite wisdom decided to drag me to a hip hop club on Saturday night, yes, they honestly thought this was a good idea. All I did was sit outside on the smoking patio, looking rather bored and irritated, needless to say, not one person said a word to me, many did look at me though, only to receive a cold glare in return, yea frosty shoulders! Ugh, I hate hip hop music with a fanatic passion, and I was stuck there for two hours!
Sunday was better, I had to work all weekend, like most weekends, since that is when our store is the busiest, today I feel a bit under the weather because of my active weekend, much relaxing abounds! After work I went with a few of my friends to go shopping, spending money I really shouldn't be spending but it had been so long since I had a good shopping experience, I had to go! I ended up buying a new corset top at Ipso Facto, this lovely visual/jrocky looking Lip Service top, and a bunch of stickers for my lunchbox. Than we made our way to Electric Chair and I bought the new Psyclon_9 cd and a new syringe pen, with red ink, huzzah! Than the night was topped off by fun at El Chamber, where I spent the night chatting with friends.
I am feeling rather content today, just my usual concerns, mostly having to do with money and all the things I still need to buy, I still need to get a new Rosiel wig for my cosplays and a white long sleeve dress shirt that fits the type that I will require, sigh, I am thinking strongly of getting another job when I move, just until I can pay everything off and no longer have to concern myself with it. But on a positive note, I finally received my industrial stickers, a bunch of KMFDM stickers, a PIG one, heh, for Lucifer, and much to my suprise, about seven extra Wax Trax stickers, so if anyone wants a Wax Trax sticker, let me know, I only have a limited supply!

2005-05-23 14:58:49 ET

weee, pig!

2005-05-23 15:06:33 ET

That's cool that you've decided on doing something like that. Not a whole lot of younger people now are into that.. they're more about going against it.

And now for my ghey period, let me just fawn over how effing pretty you are.

2005-05-23 15:19:21 ET

Luciferette: Word! ~_^
NuclearFallout: Yes, I have also noticed that, that is probably why there is such an intense need for officers right now. And thank you for the compliment! *Is blushing*

2005-05-23 15:30:44 ET


2005-05-23 15:55:29 ET

I would like a Wax Trax! sticker, please.

I'll get you a drink wed., and lots of humps in exchange.

2005-05-23 16:19:18 ET

HBPRODUKT: You got yourself a deal Mister! ~_^

2005-05-23 16:43:02 ET



2005-05-23 17:32:48 ET

The most attractive thing to me about police work is full retirement after 25 (?) years of service.

And now...dumb comments:

Your sociopath comment reminds me of "A Clockwork Orange" because the "droogs" become cops once they are through with their days of rape, robery, and murder.

It's hard to resist saying that a PIG sticker should go on your police car. 1337 k0p. ;P

2005-05-23 21:42:04 ET

Analog: Yes, officers also have great benefits, and the starting pay is great, especially for a young single such as myself.
No comment is ever dumb, wait, nevermind, I know better.
Ha ha, that is right, I never would have thought of that, I have seen the movie and read the book, the book was better.
Heh, oh, that would be too perfect, I wonder if you can even put personalized items such as that on your cop car. *Pondering*

2005-05-24 22:48:42 ET






2005-05-24 23:18:49 ET


2005-05-25 16:12:36 ET

Turbo: Than Turbo may have a Wax Trax! sticker, uh oh, I only have five more, better call yours people!
If you want to, you can borrow mine and burn it, but the cd sleeve is all neato, it is your call.
Free boots make me happy!
Tell LiL' John I said holler! XD

2005-05-30 08:33:29 ET

BLAH ! *swoops in with cape* I've come to suck your stickers ??so move away from the box and nobody gets hurt. Well being a cop hummmm...that will be ntresting twist compaired to wwhy not be a mortician so I could call you tish later heheheh later.

2005-06-06 07:08:30 ET

Does anyone else smell bacon?

At one time I was considering going into the FBI after the military and becoming a profiler.

No writing tickets, no busting kids trying to have an innocent good time. I'd just go after monsters, plain and simple.

2005-06-06 07:44:42 ET

Indeed (nods), wasting your time on the small cases suck. That or local neigborhood monster. Killers, Child molesters, Child pornography rings, slave trading, taking down the mafia heheheheheh...

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