That is just not right!
2005-06-21 21:51:11 ET

A very interesting incident took place on Monday. I was at work, minding my own business, giving the Hot Topic experience, well, not so much, but still, I was behaving myself when in comes this middle aged lady who goes up to me, requesting to speak with me. Now, I do not even recognize this woman but I agree nonetheless. She pulls me aside but not out of earshot of my store manager and proceeds to practically accuse me of hitting her daughter. Now, her daughter works with me, she shalt remain nameless for the time being, we have worked together for over a year and in that time, I believed we had developed something resembling an understanding, if not a pleasant association. But according to her crazy mother, the girl in question said that we had had an altercation before work on Sunday where I had struck her, leaving her with a busted lip, or some such nonsense. Wow, where to start with what is wrong with this...
1.) The situation is not even possible to begin with as I came into work at 12:00pm and she came in at 3:00pm.
2.) I would not touch her...I do not want to touch her...I do not like to touch people nor do I like people to touch me, it is a Pam thing, anyone who knows me knows this.
3.) If we got into an altercation, I would not need to raise a finger, I could have just ripped her apart emotionally, which is my preferred method of battle, verbal jousting. Plus, if we had gotten into a physical fight, a busted lip would have been the least of her worries.
At least my manager interjected in this manner, saying all the things that I mentioned here, save the last bit about my hideously violent nature when I am angry, which just would not have been a wise idea. After the insane woman left, we hypothesized that it was the girl's punk ass boyfriend who probably struck her and she just decided to escape her parent's wrath that she would just blame it on the scary godless gothic chick she works with since her family is devoutly Christian. I was understandibly upset after this, but since than, I have ceased to care, I am gone in little over a week, besides, she is probably going to disciplined over this anyways, so she will have to contend with that. As it is, I am just disgusted in general, it seems whenever I attempt to give someone a chance, it blows up in my face, the lesson here is to never trust someone hailing from any major religion who is truly serious about it, as eventually my being an atheist will become either a problem or a scapegoat to explain being knocked around by one's scummy boyfriend. Ha, I suppose my comment about being a professional scapegoat is coming to fruition, of course, I planned to be paid for this, not possible assualt charges, and not for something as pathetic as a cut lip, if I am going to be arrested for assualt, I had better get my money's worth!
As for other news, I received my Rosiel wig in the mail today, it's lovely, it shall work perfect for my cosplays at Anime Expo, heh, I am such a geek, I love it!
I got my transfer, all that has to be done is the paperwork, I was told to call my new store next week to get my schedule, I will probably start the day after I get to Florida, might as well dive in head first.
Heh, to file away in my forgetfullness files, I got all ruffled when I thought I had lost my make-up bag on the bus, I had to buy a new make-up stick and purchase new cosmetics from MAC, only to find my make-up bag sitting pretty in our bathroom at the H-Tizzle...yes, I am an idiot, thank you. *Bows* At least I was able to return the pricey MAC make-up, sigh. On that note, I am off!

2005-06-21 22:18:28 ET

Fuckin' A, that's rough.

2005-06-21 22:28:56 ET

I thought you said you liked it when I touched you. *sobs*

Why aren't you ever on aim?

2005-06-22 12:36:51 ET

that chick is a dumb bitch!!

going away potty?

2005-06-22 17:24:57 ET

I can't believe someone had the nerve to accuse you of hitting them. That's just fucked up, seriously, you go out of your way to NOT touch other people (often using me as a shield...cause apparently I am not filled with the germs like them heh heh). I have two "Scapegoat" pins/badges and I'll give you one of them as it is entirely fitting.

As for the transfer, that's great news. Hopefully after we get in Tuesday morning and sleep for a bit, I can take you in that afternoon to check out your store before starting work. Ha, we will be able to see each other from our front entrances. ^_^ woo!

2005-06-23 15:16:08 ET

SlideRail: Ugh, tell me about it, but I am sure everyone has had their experiences with idiotic associates.
HBPRODUKT: Um, well...that is to say...*Runs* I have had no time to spend on the computer lately, my apologies to yourself and Lucifer.
Predator: Heh, she is, plus, she is only 17, distinct lack of maturity.
Actually, they were talking about throwing a shin dig at Maschine next week, my friend Damian is trying to get Frank H-Bomb to make me a cake, plus, Jordan said they'll play all my requests, woot!
Luciferette: Exactly my point, anyone who knows the barest minimum about me at least knows about my touching thing.
Nope, your germ count is relatively low since you have never gotten me sick.
Heh, yes, I must have that pin, it'll be perfect!
That is going to be awesome, we can wave at each other and makes faces! ;p

2005-06-23 17:43:02 ET

I wouldnt be able to get into machine sadly because last time they hassled me hard core about my fake ID.. :{

I'd still like to see you before you go..

2005-06-23 18:35:27 ET

LOL, yeah, we are just gonna randomly run across the mall and glomp the hell out of each other - we shall scare all!

Oh and guess who is coming to Tampa on July 29th. That's right, Combi-Christ. ::nod, nod::

2005-06-23 23:04:05 ET

Predator: Well, they are bastards than! I would also like to see you, Lucifer and I will be going to Bunker next Friday, Lars and youself had better be there! ^_^
Luciferette: Ha ha, that's right, and everyone will be staring at us preplexed and disturbed, it'll be fantastic!
What?! Really?! Oh, we are so there!!! :D

2005-06-27 17:28:57 ET

we'll be at bunker, hanging out* must be done!

religion is st00pid, as are the vast majority of those involved in it.

does this girl have a myspace? <scheming eyes>

*disclaimer: "hanging out" in this case may or may not involve the following:
a. you being put in the trunk of my car
b. you being restrained in some shape, way, or form
c. you being "held hostage"
d. you being kept from going to florida
e. evil penguins and/or lackies
f. all of the above

2005-06-27 18:27:55 ET

LOL, good luck keeping D from coming back to FL with me. ^^

2005-06-27 19:18:17 ET

oh dont worry

i have lackies in florida as well...and they are well accustomed with bringing floridians to los angeles in new and unusual ways

<shifty eyes>

2005-06-27 20:13:43 ET


2005-06-28 04:58:03 ET

Bring it on! XD

2005-06-30 14:01:29 ET

Fuck religion, it meant as a cruch for those who got shit to do with their lives. Second, you should of told her daughter had an abortion with out her knowing then really pissed her mom off heheheh I like ticking people off because they get so wound up, they start yelling at everyone else who comes in ther path. Allowing full maxium punishment of an accident waiting to happen. Like angry mob style or a fry to the eye deal.

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