The hell you say!
2009-02-08 20:17:00 ET

The sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog." uses every letter of the alphabet!
That is one of the most interesting, totally useless things I have read in awhile!
And yes, for some reason, I did feel the need to share this! ;p

2009-02-08 23:06:22 ET

i'm also a big fan of of the grammatically correct sentence 'Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.' the english language is stupid.

2009-02-09 17:31:24 ET

I agree, bad English language, stop being stupid! *shakes fist*

2009-02-09 18:12:04 ET

the english language is such a deviant though. it likes it up the butt.

2009-02-25 16:50:58 ET

Oh my god, Lars, I am trying to wrap my head around that AND I JUST CAN'T.

2009-02-25 17:30:35 ET

and you love it!

2009-02-26 17:05:26 ET

Stupid?! The English language is brilliantly malleable. You can say almost anything as direct and spelled out as possible and still have wiggle room to deny or change the meaning of what you said. Endless source of absurdity and entertainment.

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