2005-05-17 07:35:40 ET

Hey all,

Been a while. Jake and I are CrAzY busy. Hope your all well.
Things Ive learned in last 6 months:
Thought it would be cool to date a 18 year old.
I was wrong.

Whats this life for anyway?
2004-11-21 21:40:44 ET

Things I have done that help me understand there is purpose to it all.

1) I have been shot.

2) Fell 800ft with a tangled parachute.

3) Watched my son take his first breath.

4) Watched and helped (CPR) my father take his last breath.

5) Jumped from airplanes for a living.

6) Truly loved someone more than myself (not counting my son).

7) Rolled over in a truck 5 times.

8) Had a Top Secret Clearance.

9) Traveled 55 miles by foot with a rucksack in 10 hours.

10) I have seen a ghost.

11) Took a life to be humane.

12) Been in more than one barfight.

13) Swam with sharks.

14) I have seen a UFO

15) Fell asleep standing up.

16) Been an addict.

17) Conquered an addiction.

18) Helped the underdog

19) Lost it all.

20) Got it back.

I know I am here for a reason GOD has had plenty of opertunities but I am still here. Why?

I wish I knew what it was cause I cant seem to find my niche.

Yet I'm still here...



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