Ive been doing strange things...
2004-06-01 12:11:27 ET

So like the weekend before last my exwife calls me, she had just got her ass roughed up by her husband. Nothing surprising or out of the ordinary there, but she was scheduled to have her baby C-section on Wednesday may 26th. She was upset, crying etc... She asked me (who was working at the time) what to do. So I told her to call the cops. She did...
The cops show up, arrests her husband and askes Rebecca(my exwife) if there is any guns in the house cause her old man happens to be a convicted felon. She said yes then the police asked her if she will give them permission to search the house. She signs somthing and they search it. One pound of marijauna, three shotguns, and two pitols. Thats what was found.
So Rebecca's husband is in jail and Becky gets a restraining order on him. This all happened on Sat the 22nd of May. Four days before her scheduled c-section. She calls me like 20 times during all of this. She asked me if I would come up there to help her have the baby. So with zero sleep on a work day I bounced with our son Jake to Arizona. I got there an hour before she was admitted and I stayed there and watched her (once again) get her c-section. I stayed there long enough to see her out of recovery, hold the baby and take a few pics. Took off for Vegas again. As soon as I got home... work!
Anyway, what this all ultimately is leading too is, I think she is gonna move in with me. I am nervous about it all, but I do love her, I grew up with her. She makes BAD decisions. Now she has two sons. I think she is starting to see the big picture now, and its sobering to her. I am not trying to be romantic or anything. I will see how the situation evolves. Crazy!
The Evolution of Life is both entertaining and unpredictable. Of course I knew it was only a matter of time before her situation folded. I've had my son since Valentine weekend. She didn't want him around for the bs she was dealing with. I don't know
Its all just crazy.

time is running out....*cries*
2004-05-21 05:01:09 ET

ok people, time is of the essence here, someone really needs to hurry up and buy me THIS!

Things I learned yesterday...

1.Eddie Munster gets pissed when you don't tell him what he wants to hear.

2.Sleeping with friends is a sure fire way to fuck up friendship.

3.I love coffee (duh)

4.A 1978 Toyota Landcruiser rear axle wheel bearing will fit a 84 Toyota 4runner in a pinch.

5. five, five, five for my loney...
(sorry I got carried away)

that is all...

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