2003-11-09 06:41:56 ET


Kinda poopie here in Vegas weather wise. I went skating last night. My bro-in-law and I were messing with each other. If I could do a trick and he could'nt he would owe me a dollar and vice versa. Well to make a long story short my whole right side from hip to knee is black,red and blue and he owe's me 5 bucks...

Im getting old...

2003-11-05 13:24:14 ET

I think I got a new job. Right now I am doing customer service for a large builder here in Las Vegas. I don't really like it. I deal with pissed off people most of the time. Its monkey work and the pay is "OK" but its just not satisfying. So, I have been trying real hard to get back in the tech field without going into digital telecommunications (which is my field of training) because unless you work for a utility like AT&T or Sprint the chances for getting laid off are pretty good. Plus after the tech market took a dive, wages are not what they used to be. SOoooooooooooooooooooooo
The company is called Cardinal Healthcare and they own a smaller company called Pyxis. Pyxis is a company that makes pharmicutical dispensing machines that are MS windows controlled cabinets that have like 500 drawers in them and at a specified time the machine will unlock and open a drawer that the medication is in and a nurse will go ahead and administer the meds.
Pyxis needs a technician in Vegas. My ex gf who is a pharmacist at the university medical center told the Pyxis representitive that they need to hire me. They are calling me non-stop and I have been talking to them about filling the tech position. Tomorrow a man from there west coast corporate office is flying here to meet me. $28.00 an hour to start which is more than I make now. The tech here in town told me he made $27,000 in overtime last year. I made $27,000 last year period.
There are a few more things I got to work out and I am meeting the boss tonight at 6:00 so wish me luck:)

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