So I was just walking...
2003-08-07 04:00:58 ET

I was walking in the ghetto and stumbled on to this old Jerry Garcia lookin dude driving this dinasour of a van. Like a early 60's dodge P.O.S.. He offered me a ride.
We were driving through the ghetto now and his stupid P.O.S. tire blew up. Back to walking the ghetto. I helped him for few to fix his tire but I was thirsty and headed to a corner store. I got a frosty beverage and quickly realised that not only was I at a corner store, but it was also the entrance to the green room of the Howard Stern Show. I went in there and saw a bunch of freaks who I entertained for a while with some stupid ass jokes. I went back outside only to bump into Jerry Garcia again who fixed his van AND picked up another hitcher. We all jumped into this van (I don't think it had a windshield). We were making small talk but needed gas so we stopped and filled er up. Then the other hitchhiker robbed Jerry of his P.O.S. van and left us stranded in the ghetto. Back to walking in the ghetto... I remembered my truck was ALL the way across town so me and Jerry headed for it. On the way he confessed that he knew me since I was a kid, cause he was the father of a elementary school chum I once had. For some reason we were walking in some culvert/ditch thingy at this point where a little small aircraft crashes right in front of us. Then ALL OF A SUDDEN!!! BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!!

My alarm... WTF is that all about?

I slept like shit and FUCK Jerry Garcia...

It just figures...
2003-08-06 20:44:53 ET

My exwife is already trying to create waves. She just can't stand to see me do good. She needs to unfuck herself and leave me alone!

Its all good though, cause my girlie friend says that if she keeps it up, she will have to deal with a psycho bitch!

My girlie also said she would buy me a lawyer to get my son full time instead of 50/50. I will not let her do that though. She rocks!

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