subtle reminders
2003-04-19 08:35:11 ET

I used to find your fucking hair all over everthing in my world. It almost got annoying. I would have it on my clothes, I would see it all over my car. It would end up in the most strangest places at the most crazy times.
Sometimes I would pull a strand off me and think of how much you were woven into my life. Sometimes I would be dealing with somthing horribly stressful and there a strand would catch my eye and all would be better.
I remember traveling far away from you, unpacking my bags and there would be lots of little reminders of you there. OMG your fucking hair is on everything.
Now a long time has passed. Your hair hung around a while. I would still see it here or there. I had different thoughts though when I would come across it. Now little by little it has all gone, I can't see it on my clothes anymore, I don't see it in the bathroom. There is not one strand in my car anymore. I have found myself looking for it, but its all gone. Fucking hair...


2003-04-19 08:44:08 ET

hmmm... interesting ...
i dont think ill ever look at hair the same way now

2003-04-19 08:55:17 ET

lol... Thanks Oddstar... Nice to meet you.


2003-04-19 09:01:58 ET

oh nice to meet you to. but it was a rather interesting entry.

2003-04-19 09:05:45 ET

Yeah well, Its not somthing that is bothering me currently, its just somthing to say about the small things. Nothing is stupid, and its unbelievably easy to take someone for granted....


2003-04-19 09:06:54 ET

yes thats true. Its amazing how the smallest of things can bring you the greatest of life altering moments, thoughts, and reminders. :)

2003-04-19 09:12:40 ET

Thats so true... the small things are definatly worth living for.

2003-04-19 09:13:07 ET


2003-04-19 09:33:56 ET

wow...Funny, i've had that same thought, but its a smell instead. Interesting...*thinking* thats really quite thoughtful and such. Sorry im rambeling

2003-04-19 09:39:57 ET

unlabeled... i know exaclty what your saying. smells are the biggest reminders...

2003-04-19 09:44:23 ET

Thanks UL,
I feel kinda lonely today, not a bad thing. Its just all kinda sobering. I think its cause I miss my son...


2003-04-19 09:46:38 ET

hes adorable. :D

2003-04-19 09:52:21 ET

i know how you feel me, i do. but it's more because I miss Aaron

AND your son is adorable

2003-04-19 10:07:08 ET

Thank You ladies... I am pretty proud of my boy myself... He is so cool... He makes me play all the incubus albums over and over and over, he sits and sings em ... So damn cute.

2003-04-19 10:14:23 ET

i like cute kids...cant stand annoying brats.

2003-04-19 10:16:50 ET

My son is extremely well behaved:) I was blessed

2003-04-19 10:26:04 ET

the only children around here that i know...are brats, cept Sean he's adorable

2004-09-16 18:36:35 ET

ok so that's a really old post...and it almost made me cry for some reason...who knows. i'm weird

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