Its 10:00pm and 90 degrees
2003-05-21 20:10:50 ET

Summer is here... like now

2003-05-21 20:15:41 ET

summer looked at us...laughed...and ran away

2003-05-21 20:17:06 ET

you just live in the wrong part of the country...

2003-05-21 20:17:57 ET

apparently so. welcome to indiana...all 4 seasons in one week and possibly even one day if your lucky enough

2003-05-21 20:20:08 ET

We have 6 days of spring and 7 of fall

2003-05-21 20:21:02 ET

i think i would turn into super bitch there though. unless air conditioning followed me everywhere i went :)

2003-05-21 20:27:12 ET

I don't know... It gets fire ass hot here! Back east the humidity sucks so bad. 90degrees with 90% humidity is worse than 115degrees @ 12% humidity. You can hide from sunlight, but not humidity.

2003-05-21 20:28:48 ET

yeah, humidity is my worst enemy...on a side note..if it's possible for dogs to be crack dog is one. sorry that was totally irrelevant but she's pissing me off. :)

2003-05-21 21:01:38 ET

nice and air conditioned here, in my house...of course it's hot during the day most of the time but lately it's been kinda...nice

2003-05-22 05:31:33 ET

summer is absolutley wonderful

2003-05-22 13:46:55 ET

Today its 100 at 3:46pm... My weather punks dog would not really be sitting on the concrete

2003-05-22 18:11:55 ET

no winter...WINTER damnit!!!

2003-05-22 18:56:14 ET

i'll take fall. winter is too cold and summer is too hot. but fall is ok. we don't get much fall around here but what we do get is good enough to hold me over til the next time around.

2003-05-22 19:09:05 ET

fall is good

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