Deception kills
2003-05-26 07:23:26 ET

I hate posting negative shit but I am so sick of people. 79.7% of all people are dark, rotten, evil liars. I hate the way I am. I am one of the easiest people in the world to lie too. I wanna believe everyone. I am a sucker. Most of the time I don't let people close enough to me to hurt me. They are aquaintances. There are a few though who must hold a peice of cryptonite in there pockets. Bieng decieved by them "friends?" really hurts... I can't and don't wish to be hard and dark. So a sucker for life I am. I guess my pain is self chosen. It still hurts none the less.

2003-05-26 07:26:28 ET

yea people can be hurtful and wrong but you got to know there will always be those few people in your life who can truly make you smile inside and out. Just keep faith to those close to you. they are the ones that make a difference.
i hope things get better.
i'm sure they will

2003-05-26 07:29:24 ET


i know what you mean..

2003-05-26 11:37:07 ET

i'm sorry :( i do understand though. i've gotten so used to being stepped on and lied to, but it still hurts big time everytime it happens.

i guess you just have to roll with the punches no matter how much it hurts. it's hard to find decent people out there anymore. sometime or another mostly everyone is going to be hurtful..whether they mean to or not..but maybe that's just my personal experiences coming through on that one.

*hugs* i'll try to not be hurtful though :)

2003-05-26 16:00:55 ET

*virtual hugs and stuff*

2003-05-28 08:11:53 ET

makes the good ones that much more precious...

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