Im melting.....................
2003-05-28 14:11:06 ET

WTF is this 108 uhhhh....

When summer gets here we are all gonna just combust...

Oh yeah.... help her out...
Im still "feeling it"

2003-05-30 19:42:37 ET

it was about 60-70 something here today with thunderstorms. tomorrow and the rest of the weekend is supposed to be cool. i like cool. 108 would kill me. or i'd kill someone :)

*hands you a sno-cone cause they are the best* hope it gets better and no combusting, that would be messy and sad

2003-05-30 19:43:13 ET

ps. i keep voting for that, i hope she gets it cause it's an awesome idea

2003-06-02 11:24:58 ET

It's way to hot here in southern az during the day. I'm glad it gets cooler at night, or else, I'd be out of here

2003-06-04 12:13:29 ET

my good friend and her mom are heading your way right now. They have family in Reno and are staying in Las Vegas for a bit after their visit.

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