14    2012-08-05 06:01:55 ET
Been busy trying to put together our 2nd annual Zombie Beauty Pageant. I just want to stab things and people at this point.


 13    2012-05-26 09:34:51 ET
Am in Phoenix for the Comic Con. Damn it's hot out here. let me know if anyone wants to hang out.
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 12    2012-03-16 23:13:54 ET
So today was the first day of Wondercon in Anaheim. I have a big booth there and it was awesome. Tons of people came by and loved our book and all the stuff we had.

Tomorrow should be better. Stop by our booth if you are out. Booth #822

 11    2012-02-26 08:26:56 ET
Well last week sucked. The funeral went fine even though I had to deliver the eulogy. It was my Aunt and her kids that pissed me off. No class having pieces of shit had the audacity to show up with hardly any clothes expecting my grieving grandmother to buy them a new wardrobe. Then that scavenged through all of my grandfathers belongings taking what they wanted and leaving the house a mess. What a bunch of assholes.

Coming back has been no picnic either. My boss treats me like I have been on vacation. Taking every little thing out on me just because I wasn't there that week. Sometimes, life just isn't worth the effort.

 10    2012-02-08 20:56:07 ET
My Grandfather died today. Don't know how I feel about it. To be honest we stopped talking years ago and from what I know about who he was recently I am not bothered. When I was growing up though, he was wonderful. We did a lot of things together and I will always remember them. I am mostly concerned about my Grandmother. I know she will mourn him as will my mom. I guess in death all is forgiven. Either way, I will have to journey up there for the funeral. I guess I will say my goodbyes then.

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