4    2011-11-12 20:39:07 ET
Yes, my icon is a pic of me signing some guys T-Shirt at Comic Con in SD. *teehee*

 3    2011-11-11 08:50:34 ET
My son turned 17 on Wednesday. How odd is that. Yes I just revealed my age to everyone lol.

I took him to see the Immortals at midnight last night for his birthday. The movie was awesome and he seemed to have a great time.

Today is Veterans Day. I will spend it doing the one thing that I wanted to do while I was serving, sitting in a coffee shop and reading comics. It's the little things in life.
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 2    2011-11-02 08:36:56 ET
Finally, I have a few minutes to breathe. Life has been nutty. Now I must chose between finishing Batman or starting Uncharted 3.
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 1    2011-10-24 20:55:56 ET
Aaaaand, I'm back. Will update bio later.

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