9    2012-01-17 08:30:04 ET
I hate being sick. But then again, who likes it?

Starting prep work on Wondercon. We have a big booth there so I am trying to get all the new issues done and more copies of the old. Pain in the ass.

We are also hosting our own convention in April.

Sometimes I think I want to be insane. Otherwise why would I overload myself with all of this.

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 8    2011-12-16 08:33:07 ET
It's not so much that I am so affection deprived that I need to be hugged, it's the thought of having millions of boobs touching my body without my wife getting pissed.

 7    2011-11-20 09:31:46 ET
All I want is some pie!!!!!!
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 6    2011-11-20 00:27:17 ET
................I completely forgot what I was going to say.

 5    2011-11-15 07:42:13 ET
Tired. Spent 10 hours at work yesterday. Had to interview a bunch of people. It upsets me that some people think that just because I know them it means they can show up and slack off in the interview.

In other news, as many of you know, I run an indy comic book company. We recently put on a show. It was the 1st Annual IE Zombie Beauty Queen Pageant. Click Here to watch the video that a local newspaper did on it.

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