2003-10-24 10:10:50 ET

Some people tell me I look like an older Christopher Walken. What do you think?

2003-10-24 10:12:10 ET

lmao. I didnt read your entry before i thought that same exact thing. Walken owns

2003-10-24 10:12:50 ET

walken is the scariest man alive, but life would be so dull without him.

2003-10-24 10:26:03 ET

hahahahha, he isnt scary..watch the movie " Joe Dirt", he's nothing but purr comedy in that movie.. i quote him from the movie

"Whoa..ya talkin to me?.."
" you got it all wrong..thats the wrong tone..do it again. and ill stab you in the face with a sawdering iron"

mwahahahhahaha..funny thin bout it was he was talkin to a fire distuingisher

2003-10-24 10:55:22 ET

he is great...and scary but in a good way

and you do have uncanny twinness w/him

2003-10-24 13:13:05 ET

oh i know he's funny too, he's extremely talented, but he's also one of the scariest men alive

2003-10-24 13:50:58 ET

i had a computer science teacher who looked and talked like christopher walken...and he wore a yarmulke to class too.

2003-10-24 21:34:07 ET

BOOM, tell her to sew that!

2003-10-25 12:50:43 ET

Walken is funniest when he talks.. He adds pauses and spaces where there shouldn't be. Kind, of.. like this can't you, see?

2003-10-25 12:53:45 ET

Jay... your dog... has no tail!

2003-10-25 12:56:06 ET


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