2006-08-21 23:22:53 ET

He had solved Zeno's paradox while falling out of the twenty third story window. It's funny how clear things get when they pertain to you. Take his impending death at the face of the pavement - it was inevitable. He wasn't really moving towards it, he was simply making it more and more likely to happen. There are no halfway points. There are only odds. And the whole situation was quite odd. After all he had no intention of dying. It's just that, in his half-awake sleep state, he had managed to pick the wrong door for the bathroom. Oh, well, he figured, I can piss myself if I'm dead. I'm allowed.

2006-08-22 05:54:52 ET

i dont even know what i should think.

2006-08-22 16:31:54 ET

I hate that door

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