2004-07-06 15:42:22 ET


2004-07-06 15:43:09 ET

lol and again! welcome to sk

2004-07-06 15:46:27 ET

hello, and WELCOME

2004-07-06 15:48:29 ET


2004-07-06 15:50:57 ET


2004-07-06 15:53:59 ET


2004-07-06 16:02:18 ET


2004-07-06 16:04:51 ET

Howdy! and welcome..

2004-07-06 16:38:09 ET

is the official welcome committee still on duty? he should be along shortly if he is. hello and welcome and all that rot just the same :O)

2004-07-06 16:39:06 ET

2004-07-06 16:53:09 ET

hello and welcome!

2004-07-06 16:59:42 ET

nice muttonchops!

2004-07-06 17:00:54 ET

welcome, And hello.

2004-07-06 17:16:56 ET

Hi! Welcome to sk cutie!

2004-07-06 17:40:21 ET

welcome <3

2004-07-06 17:44:01 ET

welcome welcome welcome

2004-07-06 18:07:25 ET

Hello & welcome.

2004-07-06 18:23:20 ET

salutations and all ever so...well semi-festive greetings. bienvenue a SK hope you enjoy your stay ^_^

2004-07-06 18:45:52 ET


Hallo und Willkommen

2004-07-06 20:47:56 ET

with the risk of feeling like a stepford wife with a jello mold in my hands...welcome to sk.

2004-07-06 23:01:03 ET

Thanks everybody. So overwhelming. When I started my LJ not one person said anything for the longest time.
I don't know how active i'll be; I mainly wanted this so I could talk with tonalwar.
I'll most likely be C/ping my LJ stuff to here.

Again, thank you all for the warm reception.

2004-07-07 07:05:04 ET

HI! I did the same thing (started with SK to keep touch with my friend) and I'm on alot more than I thought I would be.
lol I sound like an infomercial

2004-07-07 07:07:51 ET

SK is so much better than LiveJournal.

2004-07-07 07:18:55 ET

I think SK is better also, but I have a nifty programme for LJ that makes updating it a breeze, photos and the like.

2004-07-07 07:19:06 ET

I say you just trash your LJ 'cuz you're not gonna get as much interaction with new people on that thing. Trust me, you'll love your sk account.

And welcome to sk.

2004-07-07 09:10:10 ET

this place is addicting, i've tried to just up and leave and not check it for a while, but i couldn't ...or maybe that's just cause i'm lame...*shrugs*

2004-07-07 09:13:15 ET

No, it is addicting sara.

2004-07-07 09:29:41 ET

waaaaaaay addicting

2004-07-07 09:58:45 ET

Wilkommen. ;)

2004-07-07 10:02:09 ET

I could quit any time I wanted to!

2004-07-07 17:11:44 ET

ok good to know i'm not the only one who thinks that ^_^ i'm still lame though haha. *nodnod* i'm convinced of that one

2004-07-08 05:37:00 ET

^_^ welcome!!!

LJ is fun but there's no place like SK... (i tried quitting the week before last and well, let's just say i lost that battle. ;P)

2004-07-08 06:49:29 ET

lj rox

2004-07-08 08:45:12 ET

Ohayou Gozaimashita! ~_~

2004-07-08 10:25:42 ET


2004-07-08 15:11:11 ET

HEY BRO!!!!!!! my name is jackie whats yours.. when were you born? where were you born? were you a happy kid? are you happy now? im happy now. do you live around me? i live in a beachtown. i watch sunsets over the ocean.. its pretty.. do you watch them?

2004-07-08 15:50:18 ET


2004-07-08 15:52:05 ET

welcome welcome...

2004-07-09 01:49:45 ET

Welcome and all that other stuff.

2004-07-09 12:09:06 ET

Genki desu?

2004-07-12 16:22:04 ET

....You know what? You're really pretty. ^^ ...But in a boy way. Sometimes boys get confused when I call them 'pretty,' but it's really a compliment, I promise. ^^'

Aaaanyway, welcome to SK, and I hope you like it here, and all that jazz. ^_^

2004-07-12 18:28:30 ET

i'd have to side with neko on the topic of prettyness as well.....

2004-07-12 21:32:50 ET

now i feel bad for all my questions not answered.. geez why try anymore

2004-07-12 22:10:57 ET

jackie - i think you rock - if that's any consolation :-D

2004-07-12 23:57:50 ET

thats a very high consolation since it put a smile to my face. hey do you know austin wright.. i remeber WAY BACK (well a month or 5 ago) i saw you on his friendster or livejournal or something and i was always shy to say anything..yep

2004-07-13 00:07:29 ET

i don't knowwwww austin... but i know *of* him :-P and we have lots of mutual aquaintances in common. he said that he used to see me at local shows, etc - but he NEVER said hi... so we've never actually met.

btw - don't be shy anymore! you seem cool from what i've read. ;-D

2004-07-13 00:42:26 ET

just for that im ognna make you my buddy since well.. i enjoy pushing that button of add buddy.. what local shows?! i used to go with him to shows but then one day a dress came between us

2004-07-13 05:52:24 ET

lol.... you don't dig dudes in dresses, i take it?

i used to go to christian sxe hxc shows around the north county - like at the pulse, selah, etc. what kind of shows did you go to?

2004-07-13 11:02:26 ET

i used to go to selah a lot.. i really liked the deal at one time. isnt selah closed now? and i dont know what the guys in dresses thing is all about but i just freak. its stupid i know.. OH WELL

2004-07-13 14:56:11 ET

aww... i didn't know the selah closed...

i just used to go because my friend's fiance was part of leadxthexway... and i dug the facedown bands...

...on another note: i wonder when falkirk will update here... i read his lj - and he's an interesting guy :-D

2004-07-23 07:16:10 ET

although i'm incredibly late, welcome to sk.

2004-07-30 07:37:19 ET

i.m late i know but i haven.t been on in awhile so....WELCOME TO SK!!!

2004-08-06 11:21:08 ET


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