2005-01-12 15:57:19 ET
Well this week started off good, i bought a single EMG pickup for the bridge on my SG, i figured i'd have one EMG and one Humbucker, well that doesnt work, its bad to mix inactive pickups with active ones, so, i have to buy the neck EMG, but this is great, now i'll have a fully stacked SG, just like the pro's with EMG's, fuck yeah, so, i have to wait for this thing to get to my guitar store, which could be a couple of days, then i have to leave it in their shop for a week, this job requires a full rewiring of my guitar, and oh yeah, tetesuro, the problem with the cable's was just a bad plugin, i need a new peice, the EMG's will come with em so that problem is no more, the thing im most happy about is that these pickups almost completely block out background noise, meaning no more wooosh sound when the pedal is active, in total with the job being done and the cost of the pickups, its gonna run me near 250, but its worth it, and the overall value of my guitar becomes greater, If all goes as planned, within two weeks, the job will be done
Today was great, at work i mean, we got to leave early but what was so great about it was i got to see a dude i work with, dave, just go nuts on this foreman, the dude gives us no respect and we do our jobs plus other shit, why just the other day, we found ourselves doing electrition's work, which not only are we not qualified to do, but arent getting paid the amount they do, its like this, we do favors for this dude left and right, and he shows us no respect, when we need a favor its like he doesnt know us, so "fuck it" say, i might as well "tatoo it on my forehead"**
Fuck yeah, when i get home home, my Black Label Society hat i ordered was here, all right now i can show the colors of a true S.D.M.F.

 God damn it    2005-01-10 18:28:34 ET
work can be very stressful, at times i feel like hitting this particular mother fucker, but cant, ill lose my job, its just the bullshit i put up with on a day to day basis, im getting fuckin tired of it, some points of my day to day life make me actually look foward to moving to florida, and there are others that dont, i dont know what the fuck to do anymore

 EM Fuckin' G's    2005-01-10 17:16:56 ET
The Gibson SG will have a new face, and a new voice this weekend, im installing EMG's on it, its time for real hardcore alcohol fueled motherfuckin brewtality, These pickups are specifically designed for hardcore fuckin metal,...

i now have a mission, and that is to rock

note to self- in the result of a faggy punk riff being played, and EMG will self destruct, causing death to the player

 J-E-T-S....we were supposed to lose, but didnt    2005-01-09 15:19:29 ET
What a weekend, not to mention the jets pulled off a stunning overtime victory against the chargers 20-17, allmost blew it, but thats the jets way, funny, i watched the pregame with chris berman, and others, four men in total picked the chargers to win and so did the local newspapers, what now motherfuckers, what now?

 X-Bus mishap leads to Metal Outlash    2005-01-05 15:55:25 ET
This morining i get up, get ready, and at 6:15 i grab my Mp3 player and head out the door, Its around 6:30 when I get on the bus, every day I see the same two people, one, this guy who is a guitar player that lives on the block i always been meaning to talk to, to see if he'd be willing to jam one day, that wears a fender hat, the other, a black girl with cornrows,
Every morning not only do I have my headphones but so does this girl, Shooting out jams at incredible volume, you know stuff like the latest 50 Cent or that white guy, well today she didnt have them, so i sit behind her, Black Label Society blastin away, everything was cool and all of a sudden, she turns around and starts getting loud with me "why you niggers be listenin' to that heavy metal EVERY DAY" refering to the dude and I, i could barely hear the rest due to the fact that it was loud, so i completely ignore her, so does he, 2 minutes later she turns around, yells, "lower your shit" she thought i had turned it off, but it was a break in between songs, then what happened next made the man freak out, the next song was "Doomsday Jesus", which has a loud startoff, she leapt out of her seat, and started to clap rhythmically with what she was saying, but i couldnt hear her cause of the song, i then lowered it, only to hear her say, "heavy metal is fo' fags, you niggers gotta get yo shit together and listen to real music, I, completely shocked of that fact that she actually stoodup, and in that classic ghetto way, played hooked on phonics, was speechless, the dude stood up, looked her right in the eyes and said " I will never lower myself to listen to a form of music that demeans an entire culture and robs it of its dignity" She turned around and sat back in her seat, talking loudly to herself as if to draw attention to the rest of the travelers, and inform them of why we were wrong, It was then that this dude stood up leaned onto her and said, "shut the fuck up" right into her face, on his way back to his seat, he looked at me and said "What are you listening to", I replied, Black Label Society, He said "black La---turn that shit up, and returned to his seat, the black girl was quiet for the rest of the ride, and got off at 34th street

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