WHITE RUSSIAN    2005-01-02 16:43:38 ET
for all you fans of a little movie with the title of THE BIG LEBOWSKI, White Russians truely are the drink of The Dude, if ya dont know how to make it, here goes...

2 oz. of vodka
1 oz. of kahluah
and milk or cream - served shaken with ice, crushed

 no sleep    2005-01-02 02:02:30 ET
sittin here, bored, 7 am, didnt sleep, pickin away at my SG
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 2005    2005-01-01 15:00:35 ET
Great new years, went to the city, first we went to Dangerfield's, a comedy club on 1st ave, between 61st and 62nd, funny shit, had a few beers too, the plan worked without a hitch, 18 and sittin front row sippin brew, there was a dude from chappelles show there doin standup along with others, after that it was time to hunt for a bar to view the countdown in, we found a nifty little place, but i forgot where it was, had a few. We then wndered the city to see the sights and sounds which consisted of couples falling over and vomiting, great night, with matt, tetesuro and nadina, i was glad i did this, it was better than the usual gettin drunk with the guys, it was something different, if i could i'd do it all over again
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 RID YOURSELF    2004-12-30 20:17:38 ET
DROWNING DOLLIE, CUT IT OUT, DONT COPY MY FUCKIN AVATAR, how dare you compare that ibanez to a a fucking GIBSON SG, and how dare you compare yourself to Avril Lavign

 Whatchamacallsit    2004-12-30 19:46:55 ET
People, if your into the whole acoustic thing, pick up Zakk Wylde's "Book of Shadows" its great for acoustic listening, but, if your into the whole mindset of heavy, distorted ass-kickin' acoustic, well pick up
"Hangover Music" by Zakk's Black Label Society. Im tired of the crap that the local's push on to me, from bands like "Last Tuesday", or Avengers of the Yesterday, Power chords, they cant make up an entire song, for christ sake, let me hear a solo, not some kinky bass-line and trupet tooting riff, that make all the ladies in the audiance moist when the lead singer ripps off his shirt for the sake of showing off nipple peircings. God help us all even Mtv lost its M

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