Dude!    2005-01-04 15:27:07 ET
You think ill let it go, your mad,


learned it tetesuro

 What the hell is that    2005-01-03 20:14:07 ET
I live on Staten Island, home of the worlds largest dump, One of the two manmade items that can be seen from space with the naked eye, the other bein that wall, anyway i had passed it the other day and my friend noticed a blue patch of garbage that seemed to stick out, cause the rest of the dump is usually this tan lookin incinerated gargbage color, but it was such an outsanding color and in one square patch, my friend commented,
"hey Chris, you see that patch of blue up on top of the dump"
i replied,
"yeah, must be all them discarded Kerry-Edwars buttons and bumperstickers everyone bought"

 Oi!?    2005-01-03 18:12:52 ET
whats this thing you Fa- i mean "guys"refer to as Oi!

 Band    2005-01-03 15:33:07 ET
Tetesuro! lets go on the hunt for a drummer, hell, even a bassist, wanna go somewhere with this thing? as far as singing....
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     2005-01-02 19:44:34 ET
Fixed the digi cam, i was quick to get a shot of myself holdin the SG

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