tick...tick...tick...soon    2005-03-26 22:01:59 ET
Its only two weeks now until the Black Label Society show. It will be my first BLS show. It takes place in Irving Plaza in downtown NYC. Joining me will be Tetesuro, Matt, and Burns.
We plan to arrive 2-3 hours early so that we can hopefully get to meet Zakk and the other band members, especially Nick Cantanese if they will be signing. Its also good to arrive early because the show is standing room only, meaning its fightin' time if you want a good spot. One thing is for certain, the beer will be flowing, and the music will be awesome. On the playlist will be...

Mafia- BLS's latest album will be played
Greatest hits- Spanning from Sonic Brew, the first of 7 albums
DimeBag tribute song- Zakk will play a Pantera song for Dime
Various sessions-including the National anthem, and solo(usually over 5 min)

The show will probably be about 2 and a half hours long... i cant wait

     2005-03-23 15:58:56 ET
"WAVING AND SMILING AS HE POINTED THE GUN" - and you goths think your evil

 METAL?LICA    2005-03-20 09:47:22 ET
"the beauty of this album was it's simplicity"- Kirk Hammet on St. Anger

looks like Metallica's back at it again, a new album is in the works. Lets hope that like St. Anger, it isnt another disaster

 ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND    2005-03-16 06:00:01 ET
The Allman Brothers Band was awesome last night, the show was 5 hrs. Started at 8 ended at 1. It was incredible. The show didnt even sound rehersed, it just sounded like a huge jam session.

I sat in the 5th row, i could have spit on the stage if i wanted too, but this was no punk show, so spitting at a performer is out of the question for me.
All in all, it was a good night...

APRIL 7th...Its on with the New York City Chapter at Irving plaza


 Allman brothers    2005-03-14 01:28:16 ET
Allman brothers, tonight, and tomorrow night

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