2005-03-06 06:03:51 ET
It's truly amazing. They went from not being a band for decades, to the top of the Metal world again

     2005-03-06 05:34:35 ET
2 days...Mafia

 Judas is Rising    2005-03-05 20:04:03 ET
purchased the new Judas Priest album...love it

 MAFIA    2005-03-05 06:39:21 ET
3 days...all hail the Wyldeman
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 MUSIC TELEVISION    2005-03-03 14:41:44 ET
That'll be the last time i ever turn on anything having to do with Mtv...

I turn on MTV...What do i see

1- Two gay men fighting over an issue in their relationship
2- A bunch of thugged out negro's "pimping" someone's "ride"
3- A documentary on the life of a struggling teen trying to succeed
4- A 2 hour show about how to deal with HIV
5- Countless gameshows
6- 16 min. commercial breaks
7- A show about a bunch of people thrown into a house...exciting
8- A show that airs the same 10 requested video's every day
9- A show with a bunch of punksters having fun with their money

I turn on MTV...2! what do i see

1- The same shit

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