METAL, the way god intended it to be    2005-02-09 17:48:25 ET

Judas Priest- Victim of changes
Black Sabbath- Supernaut
Iron Maiden- Iron Maiden
Rainbow- Stargazer
Yngwie Malmsteen- Black Star
Black Label Society- Genocide Junkies
Iced Earth- The Hunter
Thin Lizzy- Cold Sweat
Metallica- Ride The Lightning, no not the song, the entire fucking album
Pride And Glory- Horse Called War
Rush- The Necromancer
Black Sabbath- Snowblind

There is my lineup for DJ-SDMF, it airs Feb 29th at 8pm E.T.

     2005-02-08 19:07:14 ET
strange day today, i learned that one of the guys i work with who is currently in charge of the laborers on my site, is out on disability, my boss stopped by today and handed me the position, cool. This means im now responsible for much more than i was before. The site im currently on now is a large apartment on Madison ave, i hear this apartment along with our work, will total 7.5m. We are nearing the stages of finalization, but this is where we must be most careful, everything is worth a shit load of money.

I recently purchased Ghost Recon 2 for my xbox, I think this game is pretty sick, its as hard as hell on the highest difficulty setting, but im stickin with it, its the first game ive ever played in which your hit once, your dead

     2005-02-06 19:23:10 ET
The party was good, i ended up in a great place, with my dad and all the other cops he had worked with, he's retired now, we got to watch the game on a a projection scren that rolled down out of a wall. It was the size of a movie screen, awesome. All the food and booze you could ever want.

One thing i love is what some people do, to be cool, or to have something to talk about in their daily posts, about how while everyone was out partying and being "american-dulled minded sports fans" they were inside, alone, maybe even read a book, cause its "healthy for the mind", the thing i love about it most is how you consider yourself to be of a higher state of mind

     2005-02-06 19:08:22 ET
well, it was a good superbowl night, went drinkin with my dad and won me 50 bucks from bets at work, cool, however the fuckin patriots won. you know, im sittin' here typing this and already there is some feminist bitch, complaining about a commercial in which this chicks strap flew off her shirt, its amazing, these people have nothing better to do, they have no friends to watch the game with either. Instead, they get all dressed up to go to the city to complain to TV, get a fuckin life, who actually gets offended at these things

     2005-02-02 20:17:50 ET
I have not been able to post lately due to a malfunctioning keyboard, but i got that problem fixed,
The EMG's are sick, i have never a heard a guitar sound so good. Its handling the bluesy sound with a great tone, and it tears ya a new asshole with the pedal all the way up. Now all I have to do is master the "dropped D" tuning that is used By Zakk and Nick. I have some BLS riffs down, however the effect zakk uses in "Lords of Destruction" off of 1919 Eternal is making it complicated for me to figure out. I know that he clicks on the wah, and pulls it all the way back for the riff, thats it, it doesnt move. It sounds great, but there is a slight change in pitch due to the wah...

March 8th, the release of MAFIA, Black Label Society's new album, Tetesuro and I will see them on April 7th, in Irving plaza

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