2004-02-14 20:21:01 ET

jeff bought me chinese for lunch today and i took my left overs to work. when i got there i opened it up to find a BOX ELDER BUG siting on my egg roll! i cried. [jeff's room is infested with them]
When i came home from work the cat was playing with one in my bed. it seems that those little punk-ass bugs like me and thought it would be neat to follow me home. fuckers.

2004-02-14 20:23:45 ET

what is an elder bug?

2004-02-14 20:26:37 ET

Google is your friend:

2004-02-14 20:27:56 ET

ooh. hmm... well at least it has protein.

2004-02-15 07:33:30 ET

they're everywhere and once one gets in your house they just keep on multiplying.
i woke up last night with one crawling around on me. YUCK YUCK YUCK!

the thought of ingesting one scares me.

2004-02-16 07:19:07 ET

Its a grub. Slimy, yet satisfying...

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