Ooh Ee Ooh
2004-08-17 17:08:19 ET

boy oh boy oh boy.

i went to the dentist yesterday for the first time in 2.4 years[oops!]. no cavities!
after physical therapy this morning i came home, got comfy, started to read the paper, then dozed off for a few hours. i'm so sick of having days off from work. i'm just feeling terribly useless. i dedcided i should get my ass in gear and i went for a walk. it started to down-pour on my way back. then i cleaned out some drawers and my make-up and hair products/lotions/perfumes, etc. and tossed the old shit.
just 13 days until classes start. and i couldn't be more excited.

jeff finally told me when semi-formal is- a week from saturday. talk about short notice! i'm excited though, i loooove getting all dressed up and dancing.
this year we aren't staying in a hotel, we're just going back to his house. i don't care to stay in Canada anyway...i can go to the bars and drink legally in the US.

Oh clonie how I love you
I'm the only person I ever loved
Gee, that's swell
I guess you're just my fatal attraction-y
You're my clonie
Nellie McKay

2004-08-17 19:31:39 ET


i love you :D

2004-08-17 21:56:21 ET

Gants on the no cavities thang...I went a month or two back, and they said I had 2 small ones, babble...note 5 years with no dentist may be a bad thing. Merfl.

In other news, I love that kitty shot :)

2004-08-18 11:32:47 ET

i was trying for a shot of the kitty's face but he became rather curious when the shutter opened and I ended up with a nose print on the front of my camera!

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