Don't be so damn benign and don't waste my fucking time.
2003-04-22 12:23:23 ET

Been having trouble with my dsl. Apparently, it's bad wiring in the house. hm. oh well. we'll be moving out in a week or so.

took out my nipple piercing. ::sigh::
it's almost a relief. that thing gave me so much grief some days. i had such horrible jewelry in it, that and it was crooked from almost tearing it out once. meh.

omg. i just pinched myself w/ pliers. ouch.

2003-04-22 12:25:12 ET

umm ... yea dont pinch yourself with those things... i think you might want to keep your fingers intact

2003-04-22 12:30:29 ET

pinching my finger wouldn't have been all too bad. i would have prefered pinching my fingers over my belly. lol

2003-04-22 12:31:32 ET

oh my! lol

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