When deer fly...
2003-06-02 11:28:45 ET

Jeff and I went up north, to my family's cabin, for the day yesterday. The water was freezing but the weather was warm and sunny. We had fun got some sun and stopped at Grandma's for a spaghetti dinner! :D MMmmMMm!
I found out that one of my cousins is pregnant. She's 18, graduating in a few days. She has an older brother who is 20 that has a 1.5 y/o daughter. I haven't seen that portion of my family for a good 7 years. Crazy northerners.

I saw the sweetest thing ever ont he way home from up north.
There was a small S-10 in front of me driving down M-55 and a red minivan coming towards us on the oppostie side of the road, the instant they two vehicles passed each other a deer ran out from the woods. The red van hit it, the deer flew up in the air like 20' then came down on the roof/windsheild of the truck then flew up again and off to the side of the road. The truck went off the road and as I drove by I saw the driver holding his head and the windsheild and roof had been smashed in. Jeff and I stopped along with a few other cars to help the guy. He looked pretty shook up but he was alright for the most part.

I think I'm going to move to Canada. I've been saying it for a month now, but I thing I will. After I finish school, of course.

2003-06-02 11:30:44 ET

canadians always seem happier

2003-06-02 14:18:10 ET

Yes! I'm jealous.

2003-06-03 09:55:01 ET


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