Bunker Vs. Perversion
2004-05-25 22:54:43 ET

Like it says folks who's going ?? I might be going but not sure yet because I got free tickets to human drama one night and rasputina on sunday. I love rasputina so magical *sigh* why do they put good things togher ?? So yeah who is going ?? cause I need a ride if someone like to help out ??Well today was weird but great. I cleaned up around the house, went to pick stuff at main place, went to the galaxy got tickets went to buy tickets for rasputina but a deal was going on that if we bought human drama we get rasputina tickets for free. I can't say no to free hahaha and i heard human drama is great. Also my friend got free tickets for just being there. I went home took a shower, went to soup plantation where some Christian lady read my shirt that read " jesus hates me". She was like "jesus does not hate you...even with your piercing..didn't you know jesus had piercings..." to which I remarked " I know, but I'm athesist and my dads a pastor I've heard it all." I tried to ignore her at first but she pushed for it. Sheena and me laughed all through dinner about the Christians. We went to watch after words " A day with out a mexican " that movie sucked ass. Don't watch it...Also i feel like I'm missing out on so much on art like artist new age one like johen or serious stuff that twisted. Anyone know of any good artist ?? or music sites anything intresting along these line ......jrock, deathrock,industrial, goth, murders, anime, art and so on ?? well thanks all

P.S Does anybody know how to do these??



I need help trying to do this...

2004-05-25 23:10:10 ET

i wish i could go to bunker vs. perv
and rasputina ownz

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