Scabbies and rabbies
2004-06-28 20:48:54 ET

So whows going to bats day and the anime convention ?? do tell i want to geet a group going !

2004-06-28 22:32:38 ET

i wish i was!


2004-06-29 08:06:21 ET

thanks lars looks like nobody post to me which is lame besides you. Ithought more people read this.

2004-06-29 13:17:09 ET

its all about timing bro
you maybe just posted when not many people were online

2004-07-02 05:48:32 ET

Oh where??? I want to go!

2004-07-03 00:37:07 ET

Its at disneyland care to join my part and make a group thing oout of it derniercri ?? well bye!!

2004-07-03 05:35:32 ET

rad, that sounds cool. more details please. when? where? who is all going ...

2004-07-03 08:21:02 ET

Well bats day is augs 29th but the day before is the meet at a hotel they have a swapmeet and then they have a dinner and show. So I will be going to both and then will be off the next day on the 29th for bats day. Anime expo over it was nice. So far its me and my gf, but not sure whats going to happen. So we will see. Still getting it togther.

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