Knife fight to the Death
2005-06-13 09:03:02 ET

So I feel since taking DJing jobs more serious that I've taken a war all out on anyone. Not by choice, but by forced decision. I sorta feel like I stand alone and can't trust anyone. Sorta alienate from the people I once knew. It's hard to trust others with actions when they do the opposite. Or when they turn and on you or talk about you behinde your back. Nobody in general, but with everything that has happend everyone seems so shifty. It's like question of trusting them or not. Given the actions that go back and forth. Just seems like people are being cutthroats then helping out. but again its bussiness but it should not take personal live into or pot shots. Something alot of people aren't good of decfering by themselves. *sigh* I just wish people where cool and not making so much BS and I do my best to ignore it but even the closest of people seem like they are turning. It feels that way, but I'm going to keep y mouth shut do my job and ignore it all. The true people, will stick by my side. Some have and its been great.At times it my feel lonely but others it feels like i have tons of friends heheheh sorta feels better. I won't take shit lying down. I will fight tooth and nail for DJing because I love it and being screwed or screwing people out won't happen. So I still got my finger up sayng fuck you and fuck your bullshit world. I ain't done till I fucking die !!

2005-06-13 15:32:06 ET

come up to la la land and start a club with meh ;-P

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