A Lovely New Herb Garden...
2005-07-25 06:29:00 ET

I got my first beginnings of an herb garden. Gardening, like art, is a past time that my family has enjoyed for generations, and now it's knocking on my door. I got Peppermint (for tummy tea), Lavendar (for insomnia), Rosemary, Sweet Basil, Summer Savory, and garlic chives. They look gorgeous in my kitchen window...now, let's hope I can keep them alive. My dad told me not to get discouraged if they don't survive. Gardening is something that is learned, and most people don't get it on the first try. So here's to my first try...thankfully, herb seedlings are inexpensive, and so if they die, they won't cost an arm and a leg to replace. If I get the hang of this gardening thing, I'm going to try Strawberries next summer. My grandmother on my dad's side had a small patch of strawberries, and I always wanted strawberries of my own. So, we'll try those next year...it's too late for them now, i think. Or at least too late for any strawberries that would grow to be any good. Waylon made food last night, and we harvested a few basil leaves for the rice dish he was making...it was absolutely yum-tastic. The dish it's self tasted fresh (as the leaves were cut directly from the plant, chopped and thrown in as a seasoning). YUM YUM.

Off to work with me!

2005-07-25 08:19:51 ET

Mmmm, fresh herbs. If Monster would stop trying to eat every plant that crosses his plant, I would be tempted to do that as well. I may not cook much, I but I like how they smell.

As for strawberries (and I may be wrong about this) but I think it takes 2 years for the plant to bear decent fruit. Might ask around though....

2005-07-25 08:44:25 ET

ah, i love gardening.
i have an everbearing strawberry plant, it produced in the first year the whole summer and all i had to do was water it during the drought.

2005-07-25 16:44:35 ET

Femm: They smell so wonderful already, especially the basil, but I really can't wait for the lavendar to start blooming...ugh...going to be mucho loverly.

Fake: really? it sounds so easy...too easy...even for a brown thumb like me. I don't know why I thought they were so pesky. did you pot your strawberries or plant them?

2005-07-25 18:50:48 ET

i planted them, but my garden is too small and im too lazy to dig more, so i kind of directed the runners into the grass and now ive got like 5 square feet of strawberries in the grass. maybe i just got lucky with the variety that i picked but i havent done anything with them this year, including watering them and i still get a good amount of fruit.

2005-07-26 07:02:50 ET

It's still encouraging. Mayhap I will go get me some strawberries next time I go to the nursery :]

2005-07-26 09:50:22 ET

Good luck. Anytime I try to plant stuff it dies.

2005-07-26 23:33:44 ET

usually i do fine until i forget to water them...then it all goes to hell.

2005-07-27 10:04:17 ET

I have the same problem! That, or my cats decide to dine on it. Either way, the plant is screwed. I have a plant on my patio that is teetering on the brink of death. I've managed to keep it hoovering there for about a year. The only time it flourishes is durring the winter when mother nature waters it for me :P

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