2006-01-10 15:47:32 ET

My sidekick died completely today, and not in the "it needs charging" kind of way. It's been acting funky for a few days, now, and finally died this afternoon.

So, for lack of better judgement on my part, I have ordered a new phone, although it's not a sidekick (alas alack anon), but it is durable and will hopefully be able to survive my abusive clumsiness. It arrives next week sometime. I am actually really excited to be getting a new toy, but am sad that it isn't going to be the Sidekick II, as I'd hoped. C'est la vie.

Anyhow, so if any of you reading this have been planning on calling me on my cel before next friday, well...call my home phone instead (I give it on my current outgoing message).

It is a sad day, indeed, when your sidekick dies.

Oy vey.

2006-01-11 01:46:52 ET

2006-01-11 02:28:35 ET

Aw! Poor sidekick! Those things are pretty damn cool, I'll give ya that. But, I'm sure that your new phone will be fab as well. Yarg--I just realized what I dork I've become: I can't imagine what I would do without my cell phone. Of course, I don't use my land line...but still! Good luck lady! And hey, in the meantime--you get a personalized comic! Teehee Handle ;)

2006-01-11 06:28:43 ET


Yesh, it will be a very, VERY long week.

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