2003-03-23 20:45:34 ET

[ mood | sick ]

So I'm friggin' sick again...god fuggin' dammut!! :[ But this time it's a cold...a cold that was induced by A: dust or B: a friend being sick...regardless, I am sick...and have left an email for my ASL teacher...and am praying not to be dropped...I feel like total crap...grrrr...

On another note, I got my hair done. I still dont have the hair I ordered, but I got the black in, anyway...and will add the other when it comes. I used a different method that didn't hurt as much...although, my head hurts right now, anyway, cuz of the cold, and added weight....grrr


2003-03-23 22:24:01 ET

hmmm <hugs>

hope you get better soon!

2003-03-24 10:06:28 ET

it doesn't feel like it'll last too long, but Im still all gross....ugh

2003-03-24 15:34:15 ET

Poor hun! I'm sorry you feeling sickie-poo. That is a bad thing. I would be happy to provide thera-flu if ya needs :)

2003-03-24 18:59:59 ET

me, too :] haha, ive been sleeping all day, fighting the nicotine cravings...ugh...misery.

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