2003-04-01 19:05:21 ET

mmmm..... codiene....


2003-03-22 15:38:23 ET

"You took my only son... my only son..."

This is what I hear on the television as I wake up. A mother lost her son to this fucking pointless war... many other mothers have lost loved ones so far as well. I sit down and shake my head as I watch the crying mother plead with the newscasters, telling them that they took her son.

What made it all the worse is what the general commander of that certain regime had to say about it:

"It is a blessing that we have only lost a few thus far in this war."


A blessing??!?!?! How much of a blessing would it be if it was your son dead in the field, commander? How much of a blessing would it be if you were one of the "few" casualties thus far??

This whole war sickens me. It's not fair that our troops have to fight in a war that is completely backed by the American people (or most of the world, for that matter), but I can't help but clench my teeth and ball my hands into fists every time I see the explosions on the news. My mother says that even though she is against war in general, now that it is started we have to support our troops and show loyalty to our country. I'm not so sure about that. I support our troops, yess, but only in the sense that I can understand what they have to go through and I hope they all come back safely. Much further than that, I don't give a shit. I want it all to end. I don't want to have to see any more mothers on the TV crying from the loss of their children.

2003-03-21 14:28:21 ET

I miss Jon...

2003-03-17 13:48:46 ET

why do i even bother anymore? yess, this is your average depression/self-hate post again. but really, everything i do seems to not matter in the long run, so why even try to make my life better?

i try to lose weight, i gain twenty pounds. i try to make friends, i alienate myself from the whole college. i attempt to create some ties with my roomate, she chooses to live somewhere else next year. why bother??

i've reached a point where it seems that every action i make turns itself around to bite me in the ass. so i'm just not going to try anymore. fuck it. fuck people, fuck college, fuck life. i'm through with everyone. they never did anything for me. screw you, human race.

2003-03-17 05:47:00 ET

pick one:

vnv nation
frank zappa
assemblage 23
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