2003-03-16 16:51:39 ET

This weekend = SUCK.

2003-03-10 19:20:44 ET

I decided to fill this out on my own for Jonamathan. ^_^

I (adore) Jon.
Jon is (an odd boy).
If I were alone in a room with Jon, I would (dance naked).
I think Jon should (get an inverted mohawk).
Jon needs (quiet time to himself, sometimes).
I want to (nuzzle) Jon.
If I used one word to describe Jon, it'd be (surreal).
I know that Jon likes (splunge).
When I think of Jon, I think of (laying on our backs in the grass and looking at the night sky).
Someday, I think Jon will (write a book on philosophy).
Jon reminds me of (everything I've ever loved).
Without Jon (I would wither).
Memories of Jon are (fleeting, sweet, and cheek-warming).
Jon can be (hyper-active).
(Surpised and pissed) is how I describe meeting Jon.
Worst thing about Jon is (he needs to calm doen sometimes).
Best thing about Jon is (he is stable).
I am (completely, utterly in love) with Jon.

2003-02-28 05:22:45 ET

Yeah, that's right. I show ALL you up with my mad split imaging skillz.

from the edge of the deep green sea
2003-02-26 14:40:15 ET

Every time we do this
I fall for h(im)
Wave after wave after wave
It's all for h(im)
I know this can't be wrong i say
(and i'll lie to keep h(im) happy)
As long as i know that you know
That today i belong
Right here with you
Right here with you...

And so we watch the sun come up
From the edge of the deep green sea
And (s)he listens like h(is) head's on fire
Like (s)he wants to believe in me
So i try
Put your hands in the sky
Surrender, Remember
We'll be here forever
And we'll never say goodbye...

I've never been so
Colourfully-see-through-head before
I've never been so
And all i want is to keep it like this
You and me alone
A secret kiss
And don't go home
Don't go away
Don't let this end
Please stay
Not just for today

Never never never never never let me go (s)he says
Hold me like this for a hundred thousand million days
But suddenly (s)he slows
And looks down at my breaking face
Why do you cry? what did i say?
But it's just rain i smile
Brushing my tears away...

I wish i could just stop
I know another moment will break my heart
Too many tears, too many times
Too many years i've cried over you

How much more can we use it up?
Drink it dry?
Take this drug?
Looking for something forever gone
But something we will always want?

I wish i could just stop
I know another moment will break my heart
Too many tears
Too many times
Too many years i've cried for you
It's always the same
Wake up in the rain
Head in pain
Hung in shame
A different name
Same old game
Love in vain
And miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
Away from home again...

Yeah, so that's how I feel sometimes. Love so strong it feel like a drug that will break my head apart. Is that a good thing? To be so drunk with love and devotion that your other senses are nullified? I look in his green eyes and see everything that I had ever hoped for, all that I've wanted in life. I don't think I would ever be able to break that heart... or mine either.

I love him.

2003-02-23 17:18:49 ET

the creepy crack head friend of mine
the homeless place he calls his thought
the silly putty tinker toy
the mirror ball reflects below
the grazing herd the lemming goat
the move toward the moving from
the winter home upon the hill
the summer shade a caving in
the psychotronic talking box
the mainstream antidepressant
the laughing dying culture pop
the famous moldy party hop
the point of view the bleeding heart
the easily digested hurt
a fantasy the way it could
the shaping things a prostitute
a naked mix a magazine
a picture of us in a dream
get me in there
get me out

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