2009-05-17 16:46:36 ET
i think i might shave my head.

get some cool wigs.

fucking drug tests,i really want that job.

     2009-05-15 20:03:24 ET

how do i know so many young'uns?

well,i got an interview for the casino.i think it went really well.i interviewed w two people that day,stayed there all day.

itll be like an hour commute,but the money will be worth it i think.and the benefits.oh,the benefits are amazing.

i really want this job.

     2009-05-13 23:24:57 ET
i has job interview later today.

slingin drinks at a casino in tunica,it'd be almost an hour commute but i think the money would be worth it,at least until i find something better.

goddamn,i have the worst fucking headache in human history.

     2009-05-12 04:09:35 ET
can't sleep.

sick as hell.

could really go for a cig and a coke a cola,but i have neither.

i wonder when every thing got so miserable.even the weathers miserable.its the middle of may and still cold.usually memphis is having a collective heat stroke by now.

wtf?is there anyone not miserable?

     2009-05-11 19:37:25 ET

so happy schools over.now i need a job.

and the new charliane harris book plz.

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