2009-08-08 16:24:56 ET
so.ive got two good jobs lined up for october.wish i could find one now that'd last me more than a month.

shea left today for disney,he'll be interning there till january.

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     2009-07-18 18:36:14 ET
i just found out my little sister got into a fight at the premier of harry potter.but she didnt hit the bitch because shes afraid to fight?

i think its time to teach the girl how to throw a punch.

     2009-07-18 17:58:37 ET
bomb the music industry on july 23
andrew jackson jihad on august 16
AND static-x on sept 10th


     2009-07-11 15:20:34 ET
i think i might pick piano back up.while moving i found a bunch ofmy old books and stuff,and i really do miss playing.

     2009-07-07 14:29:09 ET
back from georgia.

had lots of fun shooting and blowing things up.

a redneck 4th of july is really to only way to go.

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