2009-07-01 16:20:04 ET
all moved out finally.
monday we had a party where we gave away almost every thing.furniture appliances clothes,anything we could get ppl to take basically.it was great.my friend cat brought us a watermelon to smash and i got covered in juice and beer.i got to see a bunch of people i hadn't seen in forever and it was awesome.

went to the comic book shop today to get the newest green lantern and when i went to check out who should be running the register but my ex boyfriend.apparently he just started.i go there every week.this is gonna suck.

     2009-06-29 08:35:40 ET
sitting in my mothers back yard stealing internet.i've been trying to figure out who the fucks been blaring kelly clarkson,and its the super ghetto bitch from across the street.


this girl is barely 18,has 5 kids and is pregnant with another.she was a stripper,until she punched another girl on stage and got fired.
i once had a 30 min. conversation with her boyfriend about all the people shes stabbed. he even showed me all his stitches.

     2009-06-18 16:39:52 ET
aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sunburn.

but,ill have a bitchin tan when it finally goes away.i went swimming in bumfuck collierville the other day w some friends and fried.i can wear pants or tops with straps on them,so currently i look like a hoochie.

on the plus side,a hobo today told me he liked my swagger and then sang to me,so i gave him a cig.

     2009-06-05 15:31:34 ET
finally joined stickam.com at james request.

in my first 5 sec. online i had 4 boys ask me if i "liked to watch"


also,lots of /b/ fags on there

     2009-06-05 11:20:09 ET
been keeping busy with funerals and breaking up fist fights where ever i go.

didnt get that job,but im applying to plenty other places.
IHOP looks hopeful.

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