2003-05-03 13:25:59 ET

I'm in windsor again... when shall i return? i dunno. maybe this week...

2003-04-30 12:17:26 ET

It's gym day.
I have 16 scabs from recent wounds.
The bruising's almost gone.
I need to see the pictures...

2003-04-21 06:25:28 ET

I dont know about you people, but my weekend FUCKING RULED

2003-04-17 17:10:49 ET

Tomorrow is the show in windsor, if you're in the windsor-detroit area, please come to the show! it's at the zebra room, on pelissier. doors open at 9, 5$ cover.

2003-04-15 09:27:25 ET

Since things are being taken down, if you want to keep talking to me, ask for my info. I've got my icq and email above, but if you want more, ask. If not, it was nice meeting some of you...
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