2002-06-16 22:35:12 ET

I m sitting here thinking about hair...
I dyed mine all black now. I wish I hadn t.
I have this bottle of green dye still sitting
in my closet. I told myself I m not allowed
to do anything with my hair until I dread all
the fuking hair that is in my bathroom closet.
Gah! I m lazy! DO SOMETHING!

2002-06-17 06:41:36 ET something you bum! :-P
oh wait...umm...i haven't really been doing anything either :-\

some suggestions for motivation?

2002-06-17 09:51:29 ET

do you have some?
Or need some?
I guess if I wanted to motivate someone I would offer
something they like...u wan t coffeee?
how bout some fud..or may b sum druggs.

2002-06-18 18:13:24 ET

i think if i had one of those cute stuffed animals i'd be more motvated :-P

2002-06-19 19:34:18 ET

mizzayne is a modern day tank girl. tank just loved her stuffies.

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