2002-06-17 15:30:15 ET

Pictures of your "geek cave"
Peter Graves wants photos of your geek
Go here:

2002-06-17 15:54:49 ET

mine isn't very cool looking, or i would send in a pic :(

2002-06-17 17:12:47 ET

so what! I t doesn t have to be cool.
Did you see the others he already has posted?
I think you of all people should, it would be awesome.

2002-06-17 17:13:23 ET

when i get home tomorrow, i will :)

2002-06-17 17:31:34 ET


2002-06-18 19:04:00 ET

haha...this geek cave phenomenon amuses me ;-D

2002-06-18 23:03:15 ET

send me a picture of yours then furax

2002-06-19 08:00:44 ET

it's just like a picture of where my computer is, right?

2002-06-19 08:04:21 ET

ah i gotta get around to doing that today
ok ok lemme go look for the digicam

2002-06-19 13:33:23 ET

yes yes a picture of your computer and its surrounding area...

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