doo be doo
2002-06-20 10:17:15 ET

Just killin some time before werk...
I have to close tonight..all ready
opened the store today...I was
supposed to work in lafeyette but
the store manager at my store got
sick so I am covering his shift too.
One of the other managers came in to
cover my lunch and thats what I m doing now.
I have noticed I never really talk about
anything good...nothing deep, no poems,
no real problems...just what I did today.

2002-06-20 10:19:21 ET

that's all we ever talk about though...isn't it?

...and i will try and take a picture of my "geek cave" now

2002-06-20 10:20:17 ET

do it!!!
DO IT!!!

2002-06-20 10:41:33 ET

umm...where do i send these pictures?

2002-06-20 20:40:34 ET

I m sure the address is somewhere on his site

2002-06-20 20:47:43 ET

ok i found it and sent them

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