Just wanted to say hi!
2002-06-24 08:48:03 ET

Whatcha doin?

2002-06-24 09:15:59 ET

Random stuff.

2002-06-24 09:22:43 ET

hi, not much going on here...it's hot. bleh.

2002-06-24 10:26:03 ET

sweet, I have air conditioning.YEA!
I am just chillin around here being bored.

2002-06-24 10:28:27 ET

yeah i have to put my ac up in my room soon... i should motivate myself to do something

2002-06-24 10:33:02 ET

*sends motivation rays*
~be motivated~
moti moti moti vate~
WARNING: this may not work...I myself am actually
overloaded with lazy rays.

2002-06-24 10:40:11 ET

yeah me too...i think it might be the heat combined with my mild dysthymia :-\

2002-06-24 10:41:07 ET

whats that?

2002-06-24 10:42:10 ET

dysthymia - a mood disorder characterized by mild depression.

2002-06-24 10:47:21 ET

Everyone get naked and jump on the furniture! Always good for a laugh.

2002-06-24 10:48:09 ET

as long as there's air conditioning...

2002-06-24 18:29:06 ET

ahh-ok...what else is it characterized by?

2002-06-24 19:02:28 ET

dysthymia is also a thing that must be over an extended period of time...like say for about a year...severe depression can only be classified after it's been in effect for at least 6 months, i think...anything shorter then 6 months is called a depressive episode. depressive episodes are depressions that are short...like say 3 months r something and may be S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) which usually has to do with the gloominess of winter. dsythymia is just a period of low level sustained depression. like...just not feeling happy for a long time ...not especially sad but just never happy... it's pretty common really.

2002-06-24 20:31:27 ET

ahh that makes sense...its the real thing in otherwords.
not that oh im depressed crap I hear most people say.

2002-06-24 20:33:03 ET

yeah...dysthymia lasts a long time. most people just have brief 'depressive episodes' which can be any period of time up to 3 months long

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