BLAH!! BLARghmmmph!!
2002-06-29 07:53:58 ET

Well! HMMM! I m excited!!!
Goin ta Daytonea!
Gotta run down to my papa-san s to get his vehicular
vehicle. I still have to wash and "do" my hair...
WHEEE! I m Excited!!! WhooT WhooT!

On another subject:

I HATE this fucking apartment....
Everytime I come home from work there is
never anywhere close to park...The
idiots that live here always take up more
room than neccesary. Last night there was
at least one good spot, but because some
ass didn t pull their car even remotely
close to the car in front of him I couldn t
fit behind him. Then the night before that,
Same thing! Only there were three good parking
spots that were all fucked up!!! Stupid people
shouldn t have cars! I m so sick of the
people that drive in two lanes, don t use
their signals, turn in front of you, Speed
thru yellow lights, follow me too close,
motorcyclists who act like idiots, people
who drive way too SLOW!!!
Also the motorcyclists part...there was this
group of guys...maybe 10 of them all acting
like asses on their crouch rockets, cutting
RIGHT in front of cars...barely giving them
selves room. Some were standing up with their
hands on the handle bars bouncing around.
One of the guys up front decided to show off
by stepping his foot out and touching the
tailpipe of a truck they were passing....
People on bikes are always getting hit because
the Motorists didn t see you. IF your running
around acting like that I hope a semi swips
the lot of you!

2002-06-29 12:46:35 ET

hell yeah! people can't drive for shit! i'm a good driver. (unless i'm really in a hurry :-X) hehe :-P

2002-07-01 11:27:33 ET

when yr in daytona go to Atlantic Records--good store;) ...and if you make it to Orlando--and find yrself in a bar--look for the kid with white hair;)

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