Ya know what i hate..................
2004-01-18 07:16:31 ET

Bad coffee.
I can never find any good coffee.....no matter where I go.
Starbucks, Barneys and just about every other coffee shop
burns their brew. I hate it.
For some reason I really enjoy Folgers coffee. I think
Marathon gas stations brew their grinds.
OH I do like the frapachinos(sp) you can get at gas
staions from starbucks, but the real ones!....GROSS!

Whats your favorite?

2004-01-18 07:40:26 ET

Gas station coffee for some reason is sooooo good.

2004-01-18 07:48:15 ET

some donut shops have good coffee.

2004-01-18 08:30:31 ET

Tim Hortons! yeah Canada...
not actually my favourite though, where I live we have a coffee shop that sells really awesome fair trade coffee, it's tasty as fuck.

2004-01-18 10:57:13 ET

at home i have maxwell house special blend or master blend...
and if i'm out 7-11, dunkin donuts, or a diner would be where i'd go for the least awful coffee.

2004-01-18 12:13:22 ET

I find that bought coffee is always waaay too hot.

But I *heart* French Vanilla and Hazelnut espresso.

2004-01-18 19:32:53 ET

I like Folgers too. My fave is the brand they carry at Whole Foods market, but damn if Folgers doesn't taste pretty darned great!

2004-01-19 09:41:50 ET

Ooooh, I LOVE Dunkin Donuts coffee....Mmmmmm, but there is only one in Indy and its like 30 min away. :(
Other than that....there are none I like.
Both Denny s and Steak & Shake have nasty coffee too.
Bought coffees are always too hot....then its too cold before you know it.
~shakes fist~

2004-01-24 16:26:52 ET

go to the Borders on Meridian. the one in the old bank.

2004-01-28 07:35:39 ET

Hrmmmm....ya know....I have never had their coffee. I will try!

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